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Jung Sky adds a third 525A CJ2 to its fleet

May 04, 2023 |

It feels fantastic to finally be able to say this: Jung Sky has boosted its operations with another Cessna 525A CJ2 aircraft and now has three CJ2 jets in the fleet. On April 5 2023, the aircraft registered 9A-JSE was "water-saluted" upon its arrival at Zagreb Airport, our home base, and on April 20 it had been officially added to the company’s AOC and started its commercial operations. Its first flight was Zagreb - Linz and afterwards it went to Vienna, the Greek island of Crete, Pisa, Berlin, Nice, Santorini and so on. 

The aircraft 9A-JSE a.k.a Echo, visited 20 different destinations in its first two weeks of officially being part of the Jung Sky fleet.

The next step for Jung Sky, happening as a direct result of adding one more jet to its flight operations, is strengthening the team. Over the next couple of months, the company plans to add a minimum of eight people, including five new pilots, one person in sales, one in operational control center and one in accounting. If everything works out as planned, Jung Sky should soon have more than 30 employees, the most it had since the company’s inception in 2009.  

The goal is to be 100 percent ready for July, August and September, the busiest period in business aviation.

STRONG Q1 2023

Earlier this year Jung Sky reported about adding a certified Part-145 aircraft maintenance organisation to its service portfolio, ready to meet any line maintenance requirements for jet types Cessna Citation 525, 525A and 525B.

The company also reported about the 2022 Year-on-Year growth in revenue, number of flights with passengers, flight hours with passengers, the number of destinations covered and the number of clients who chartered flights from them.

Jung Sky is also coming of a strong Q1 2023, having achieved a 11.7 percent growth in number of flights, compared to the Q1 average over the last 5 years. 

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