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Jung Sky adds Part-145 line maintenance services to its portfolio

February 17, 2023 |
Jung Sky adds Part-145 line maintenance services to its portfolio

Zagreb-based business aviation operator Jung Sky has lots of reasons for contentment looking back at 2022. Not only did the company achieved Year-on-Year growth in almost every major flight operations column (revenue, number of flights with passengers, number of contractors, flight-time with passengers, number of destinations covered), it also added a certified Part-145 aircraft maintenance organisation to its service portfolio. 

Jung Sky's MRO team is based at LDZA Zagreb Airport and can currently meet any line maintenance requirements for jet types Cessna 525, 525A and 525B. 

"Although we are stationed at LDZA, our team is pretty agile and can assist in maintenance-related situations anywhere in Europe. Just recently we deployed them to Lyon for an AOG mission", stated Jung Sky's technical director Davor Bujan. "As an operator ourselves, we know what it means to put your aircraft and your trust into someone else's hands, but given the fact our MRO team also looks after our own fleet - you can be sure we've assembled a very skilful team, stocked up with expertise and experience in prominent maintenance companies from around the world", says Bujan. 

Besides providing line maintenance for third parties and in-housing maintenance activities for their own fleet as much as possible, Jung Sky's long-term plans also include setting up more line maintenance stations, plus establishing base maintenance services at LDVA Varazdin Airport, Croatia.

By way of reminder, Jung Sky is a business aviation operator based in Zagreb, Croatia and currently operating with two of its own Cessna 525A CJ2 aircraft. They average around 1,200 flights per year to more than 200 destinations across Europe and sometimes even the Mediterranean parts of northern Africa. 

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