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Project Name

Increasing Competitiveness by Investing in the Improvement and Adaptation of Websites. Project Code: KK.

Brief Description of the Project

Realization of the project by the specialized IT company Shipshape d.o.o. will improve the website on the domain www.jungsky.hr.

The project includes the following activities: defining the structure of the web solution, developing the technical and functional system specifications, acceptance of the technical and functional system specifications by the client, the initial installation of the entire web solution, configuration of the Drupal system according to the accepted specification, development of additional modules to increase the accessibility of websites by people with disabilities, people with impaired motor skills and visually impaired people; implementation and adjustment of the accepted appearance of the website, testing the system, setting up the entire web solution for production.

In addition to the development of a new conceptual solution that will provide customers a more interactive overview of the offer, the following specific modules will be implemented: a) a module for destination and price administration; b) a module for destination selection and ordering flight services, and c) an accessibility module.

The improved website will have a design adapted to mobile devices and tablets (responsive design) and optimized loading of web solutions using various caching technologies. SEO optimization will be implemented for better positioning on Internet search engines. All content will be available in English and German to make information about the offers and the services themselves available to a larger number of interested clients.

Goals and Expected Results of the Project

The overall goal of the project is to strengthen the market position of the company and of small and medium enterprises by improving the implementation of network solutions.

The specific goals of the project are:

  1. a) Improving the presence on domestic and foreign markets
  2. b) Increasing the visibility of service
  3. c) Supporting the development of an information society in Croatia

Realization of the project will improve the website of the private airline Jung Sky, enable the presentation of products and services to users in a modern and professional way in accordance with the latest SEO standards, easy and customized access to information, and efficient and personalized communication with customers.

Furthermore, implementation of this project will improve the website, the presentation of new content, adaptation to a new market segment of customers, and the presentation of the site in English and German to increase visibility in foreign markets. In this way, it will be possible for the company to expand its customer base and increase its competitiveness, sales revenue and new employment.

The sustainability of the project will be achieved through constant work on maintaining and improving the content posted on the website, and thus indirectly through business relationships with existing customers, an active search for new customers and continuous work on expanding the customer base.

Total value of the project and the amount that is co-financed by the EU (in Croatian kunas - HRK)

  • Total value of the project: 67,969 HRK
  • Total value of the project (acceptable costs): 54,375 HRK
  • EU share of project funding: 38,000 HRK

Project implementation period

12.10.2018 – 12.10.2019

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On 1 November 2019, we began implementation of the project Increasing Competitiveness by Purchasing a New Software Solution, for the project KK. The project is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund through the Operational Program for Competitiveness and Cohesion 2014-2020 within the tender Improving the Competitiveness and Efficiency of SMEs through Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) – 2.

Basic Information about the Project:

Name of the project: Increasing Competitiveness by Purchasing a New Software Solution

Brief description of the project: The purpose of the project is to encourage the strengthening of the competitiveness of Jung Sky d.o.o. through investment in the procurement of information and communication application solutions that will enable the management of a new customer base, customer management, sales management and project management and implementation

Goals and expected results of the project:

The general goal of the project is to strengthen the market position of the applicant and to increase its competitiveness and business efficiency by applying the developed specific software through:

  • integration of business functions by connecting modules (users - flight offers - offers related to content - travel tracking - sales)
  • more efficient workflow organization through better human resource management
  • improving interaction with customers and suppliers
  • improving the market position of the company due to increased service capacity as a result of to greater efficiency and optimization

Specific goals of the project:

  1. a) Growth in sales revenue of the company two years after completion of the project
  2. b) Increased number of employees
  3. d) Reduced operating costs
  4. c) Support for development of an information society in Croatia

Total project value: 284,250 HRK
Amount of EU co-financing: 125,069.99 HRK

Project implementation period: 1.11.2019-1.11.2020

For more information contact:
[email protected]





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