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Celebrating a decade of excellence and setting new standards of quality

For a decade, Jung Sky has aimed to become a service provider of choice to the most sophisticated aviation consumers, both business and tourist. From its inception, the company has consistently set the highest industry standards in private jet travel and the benchmark with its fast and flexible travelling experience that helps increase your efficiency while travelling. Time is a commodity, and there is no need to waste it waiting at crowded terminals.

Flight safety

Safety is our primary consideration. To champion the cause of aviation safety, each of our aircraft undergoes maintenance according to the most stringent regulatory requirements.

Meet the team

Our aircraft are operated by the permanently based professional flight crew, engineering staff, thus ensuring our fleet maintains a remarkable record.

Explore our fleet

Sneak aboard our aircraft, anytime and anywhere.

Business flights
with Jung Sky

When opportunity knocks halfway around the world,
Jung Sky will get you there, stress-free.
Save precious time and enjoy the highest level of comfort.

Tourist flights

Fancy a short hop to Dubrovnik, but dread all the planning?
  Just leave it all to us and start your vacation onboard our aircraft.

Take a 360 virtual tour

We wish you were here, but if you cannot be this virtual tour is the next best thing! Get on board and have a look around. Navigate through the exterior, cockpit, passenger cabin and other utilities from the comfort of your home.




                          Cessna 525A CJ2

2 pilots (captain and co-pilot) and 6 passengers
Cruising speed:
700 - 800 km/h (380 - 430 kt)
Length and Height 14,53 m -- 4,27 m
Wing-span 15,19 m
Maximum flight altitude 13500 m (FL 450)

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