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Fourteen years of excellence

Time is a precious commodity, so it's a real shame to waste it by waiting in lines at crowded airports. 

For almost 15 years now, Jung Sky's mission has been to become THE private jet "operator of choice" of the most sophisticated clients. It also strives to become the benchmark by which the quality of service of a private jet charter operator is determined. Our everyday business and the feedback from our clients and passengers tell us that we have succeded in doing exactly that. 

Besides being a business aviation operator, Jung Sky is also a certified aircraft maintenance organisation, able to meet any LINE and BASE maintenance requirements for jet types Cessna 525, 525A and 525B. 

Flight safety

Safety is our primary consideration. To champion the cause of aviation safety, each of our aircraft undergoes maintenance according to the most stringent regulatory requirements.

Meet the team

Our aircraft are operated by the permanently based professional flight crew, engineering staff, thus ensuring our fleet maintains a remarkable record.

Explore our fleet

Sneak aboard our aircraft, anytime and anywhere.

Business flights

Time is a valuable asset. Save it by avoiding check-in lines and long waiting at airports.
Fly private and enjoy the highest levels of comfort and time-management.  


We're able to meet any line and base maintenance requirements for jet types Cessna 525, 525A & 525B.


We have prepared a series of photos that will show you what to expect when you decide to travel with Jung Sky. Our fleet consists of two Cessna 525A CJ2 jets, and on your trip you will be accompanied by professional and experienced members of our crew - the Captain and a First Officer, sometimes even by two of our captains. See what the interior of our aircrafts looks like - from the cockpit to the passenger cabin - and explore the possibility of traveling in a most comfortable manner, fully tailored to your needs.




                          Cessna 525A CJ2

2 pilots (captain and co-pilot) and 6 passengers
Cruising speed:
700 - 800 km/h (380 - 430 kt)
Length and Height 14,53 m -- 4,27 m
Wing-span 15,19 m
Maximum flight altitude 13500 m (FL 450)

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