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Matea Taborsak: "I really look forward to all my tasks and assignments in OCC"

December 27, 2023 |
Matea Taboršak - Jung Sky's OCC

After Ivan, Adam and Matija, we conclude our end-of-the-year series of short interviews with a conversation with Matea Taboršak. Matea is our latest reinforcement in the OCC department, she has been with us since July this year, and although she has already been of great help to her colleagues in Ops and Sales, the couple of months ahead is when she expects to start with the „real deal“ and she can't wait to take over the tasks and responsibilities which made her want the job at Jung Sky in the first place.

Matea, tell us a little more about the training you are currently attending?

It is an online flight dispatch training. It's very interesting and quite interactive, and you really learn a lot starting with the basic concepts of aviation and you go all the way up to the meaning of runway signs, functions of individual instruments on an aircraft, calculating specific routes, etc.  

When will we be able to congratulate you on the licensed dispatcher title?

The training lasts until the end of January after which I must pass the first part of the training exams. The most difficult part of this interesting journey comes after that: the final exam at the Croatian Civil Aviation Agency. When I pass that part, we will be able to celebrate me becoming a licensed dispatcher 😊

Which part of the job in Jung Sky’s OCC department do you look forward to the most?

The tasks are quite different, but that's exactly what’s so interesting about the job. Obtaining fuel prices, communicating with airports about the slot approvals, calculating routes, cooperating with our pilots and with our great sales team is something I am very excited about. I consider myself to be a communicative and curious person, so I really look forward to all tasks and assignments equally.

If we were to ask you to describe the JS Ops team with three adjectives, which ones would you choose?

OPS team is full of positive adjectives! But if I had to choose just three, I would say diligent workaholics 😊, communicative individuals and perfectly organized colleagues. They are always ready to help and selflessly share their knowledge when needed.

And how would you describe the sales team whom you work very tightly with?

A team that is so easy to communicate with and with whom you can resolve all your problems or doubts very quickly. A team you can count on, people who are dedicated to their work. I really enjoy working with them because they know they can count on us for anything they need and we know we can rely on them and their professionalism and speed for anything we need.

How do you like the world of business aviation so far?

At first the industry seemed very complicated to me, but as time went on, I started to like and enjoy it. Every day - a new challenge, a new route, new passengers… Each airport has its own story so you have to adapt the way you communicate and the way you approach your tasks. There are days when I am definitely surprised at how "beautifully complicated" the whole world of business aviation really is.

Matea Taborsak - Jung Sky's OCC


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