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Matija Bencec: "The amount of resources necessary for just one flight is astounding"

December 01, 2023 |
Matija Benčec_Jung Sky Sales

It's been 6 months since Matija joined our sales team so this sounded like a good opportunity to pick his brain a little bit about whether or not he enjoys being part of the business aviation world. 

What has been your favourite part of the job so far?

Definitely the dynamics of the everyday business. Each day is so different and each morning you find yourself facing new and different challenges than the day before. Also, each client is very unique, with specific needs and requirements that bring additional variety to the whole experience.

If we were to ask you to describe the JS sales team in three words, what words would you choose?

“Dynamic” because of everything I mentioned in the previous answer. “Dedicated” because of the way we treat our clients and because we do our very best to fulfil their every need, whatever it may be. “Collaborative” because the sales department is just one part of the engine that drives our mission as a business aviation operator. For every flight we do and for the functioning of our entire operation, each department is equally important and we all depend on each other.

And how would you describe our Operations team, with whom the sales team cooperates the most?

They are such professionals and they are extremely efficient. It’s really nice to work with people who are great experts in their work. You learn something new from them every day and they are so fast and efficient in doing everything necessary to make the flight happen. In addition, from the very beginning of my JS career, they have always been ready to help and answer my sometimes “silly” questions and they have done this with a lot of patience, for which I am very grateful.

How do you like the world of business aviation in general? Was everything what you expected or did something surprise you?

What kind of surprised me was the amount of resources, people and work necessary for one single flight. The airport staff, the handlers, the brokers, the operators… It’s a huge machinery of people working every day in order to get somebody from point A to point B.


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