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Blitz interview with Jung Sky's FO Adam Katona

December 15, 2023 |
Adam Katona_FO from Jung Sky

It's been little over six months since our First Officer Adam Katona sat down to the right of Capt. Obrazović in our 9A-JSD and flew from Zagreb to Rome, and later the same day to Catania and then to Malaga. It was the start of his first shift in Jung Sky and the start of his career in business aviation.

Similar to our talk with Matija, we wanted to know about his impressions up to this point.

Three words you would use to describe your experience in Jung Sky and business aviation so far?

Dynamic, diverse and educational.

Your favourite airport so far, and why?

Huh, it's hard to single out just one because during these six months I've been to approximately 60 airports. However, among my favourites are definitely Dubrovnik, because of the approach above the sea and the Old Town, then Innsbruck because of the wonderful approach in the valley with mountainous surroundings, and Budapest because of my origin from Hungary.

And the hardest? Or the most demanding?

That part mostly depends on the weather conditions, primarily the winds and the visibility. Depending on the weather – any airport can become a challenging one. But I would perhaps describe Istanbul and Madrid as challenging ones, not so much because of the approach, but because of the fact they are very large and so the taxiing through them can be complex and time-consuming.  

Your favourite shift so far and why?

It happened at the end of August when we had a flight to Pantelleria island, which I honestly didn't even know existed before. This tiny volcanic island in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea really enchanted me with its beauty, and we had the chance to go for a swim there. It was beautiful.

What are the passengers like? Do they talk to the crew during flights?

My experience so far is they don’t talk much during the flights, but in general they are very nice and polite. I haven't had any unpleasant experiences up to this point, and among the super positive ones I remember one very special passenger who flew with us from Zadar to Vienna few months ago. This lady was 94 years and she was “radiating” with such an unbelievable positivity, it was something I haven't witnessed in a long time. At one point during the flight, she opened a bottle of champagne, looked at us, raised her glass and said: "A toast to life, and see you next year". It was such a lovely experience to meet her.

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