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What a debut!

July 28, 2022 |
Lovro Jung's first official flight as a Jung Sky pilot

Photoshoots at our home base in Zagreb are arranged on special occasions only and this was probably the most special of all because it was just before our Lovro Jung's first official shift as a business aviation pilot and a new first officer at Jung Sky!

Biggest congrats to Lovro for this amazing accomplishment, we wish him lots of wonderful pilot experiences and many happy landings.

Congrats and cheers to our Capt. Krešimir Jung also. The flights and experiences he'll share with his son will probably be one of the most valuable highlights of his professional career. We can only imagine how great the guys felt during the shift, flying together to various destinations across Europe. 

Photos taken on July 18, 2022 at Zagreb Airport, just before our Zagreb - Basel flight. Lovro & Kreso later continued to fly to 14 different airports during their shift, some of which they visited more than once.


Lovro Jung and Krešimir Jung_Jung Sky


Kresimir Jung and Lovro Jung_Jung Sky


Lovro Jung_Jung Sky


Lovro Jung_Jung Sky


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