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[Q&A - Ivan Jakovac] The first year at Jung Sky sales

July 14, 2022 |
Ivan Jakovac - Jung Sky sales

Ivan Jakovac is one of our three sales representatives. He joined Jung Sky exactly a year ago and even though he has been part of our team for ‘only’ twelve months - it feels like he's been with us for years.

How do you like working in business aviation sales?

I really like it, being part of business aviation is challenging and interesting for several reasons. I enjoy participating in organizing flights and other additional services for our passengers. The satisfaction is, of course, much greater when the clients are happy and satisfied with the service. I know many people say this about their work, but in business aviation – no day is the same because each flight is a case for itself and a specific set of details. But it's exactly what I love about it because it's what enables you to continuously learn and improve.

Is the everyday pace in line with what you expected when you joined Jung Sky?

The pace is expectedly intense, especially now in the summer when the interest in flying private is extremely high. The intensity did not surprise me because I had worked for years as a manager of online sales and travel organization for commercial airlines. Such a hard-working, dynamic tempo really suits me because it requires maximum concentration and focus on client satisfaction and consequently - the success and business results of our company.

Client praise of the company or the sales department is not uncommon. What would you say which qualities brokers value the most?

Speed, experience, precision, ability to solve emergency issues, flexibility, availability, good looks… (laughs). Not necessarily in that order of course. The listed qualities are important to them because their clients, our passengers, also expect nothing less from them either.

Any special ‘highlights’ you would like to single out from this first year as a Jung Sky sales representative?

This may sound like a cliché, but I really think every day is a 'highlight' for itself (laughs). The relationship with the colleagues, the orientation towards success and excellent sales results, the commitment to the highest levels of quality – this is the everyday life of our sales team. Considering that I love sports, I certainly remember the flights we organized for famous athletes, but at the end of the day – a satisfied and happy client is what fulfills you the most and corroborates that you have done a good job.

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