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[BACK INTO THE SKIES] Jung Sky's MRO team performed an ID10 check on our 9A-JSE

May 24, 2024 |
Jung Sky's MRO team on its first ID10 check

Although our 9A-JSE has been back in action for quite some time now, it's never too late for praise, right? :) We're delighted to say our aircraft maintenance organisation, which earned its base maintenance certification earlier this year, finished its first heavy maintenance (ID10) check on a Cessna 525A jet this April. The tail, as stated before, was one of our own: 9A-JSE a.k.a. Echo, which became part of our fleet last year, also in the month of April. The works have been performed at Jung Sky's hangar at LDVA Varazdin in Croatia. 

Job well done & big congrats to our maintenance team: Davor Bujan, Davor Bradovski and Denis Grgurić. We wish you many more tasks and projects like this one. 

For all of you wishing to explore the idea of outsourcing our maintenance expertise, [email protected] is where you can reach us. A bespoke approach is "a given", and rest assured your aircraft will be handled by an elite MRO team who also takes care of our own fleet. Our own livelihood. 


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