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We have a new Head of Operational Control Center

March 05, 2021 |
Ivan Midenjak_Jung Sky

As of February 1 2020, Jung Sky has a new Head of Operational Control Center. Ivan Midenjak is an expert with 24 years of experience in the aviation industry, mostly in Croatia’s flag carrier Croatia Airlines, but also briefly at Qatar Airways as a Senior Operations Control Officer.

"I am looking forward to contributing the further development of the Jung Sky brand, as well as the business aviation industry in Croatia. This is a service with a bright future, although its potential in Croatia is still underutilized, especially in the context of the national tourist offer”, said Ivan upon his arrival to Jung Sky.

In a short Q&A below check out his thoughts about the everyday job and the role of the Operational Control Center in business aviation.

What is the role of the Operational Control Center in Jung Sky?

The OCC department covers all issues that are crucial for high-quality and optimal flight preparation and realization such as timely provision of 'slots' for landing and take-off, handling (aircraft servicing), selection of alternative airports, meteorological situation at departure, en route and at the arrival airport - as well as at alternative airports, fuel supply and preparation of optimal routes for calculating the fuel needed for the flight, creating the flight plan, preparing crew briefings, communication with border and customs services if necessary, crew schedule, etc.

In comparison to regular commercial airlines, the OCC in business aviation has somewhat of a specific role because, in addition to focusing on flight planning, it also performs a number of other tasks that require resourcefulness and strong organizational and prioritizing skills.

What set of skills should a person possess in order to do this job well?

This person must know how to function in a very dynamic and diverse environment. He or she also must be ready at all times to respond to given problems and must be able to make quick decisions, often based on information that is not complete or specific enough.

What part of the job do you find most challenging?

After 25 years of experience, every now and then I think to myself how I have experienced all situations possible and that there is nothing that can surprise me. But sooner or later, a completely new situation arises, requiring me to evoke a new dose of resourcefulness and improvisation.

How much of an asset is for a business aviation operator to have an in-house operational control center?

Inhouse OCC puts you in a position to have a much faster, simpler and more thorough communication, not just with your client, but also among all company departments that are involved in flight preparation. When booking a flight with an operator that has its own OCC consisting of experienced professionals, you can be certain the contracted service will be looked after with maximum care and will be of the highest quality.

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