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The benefits of flying private (in a Covid-19 age)

March 01, 2021 |
The benefits of flying private (in a Covid-19 age)

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One of the biggest impacts of the Covid-19 era on the business aviation industry is the spotlight it put on the many benefits of flying private.

If you experienced traveling with a business jet before, you’re probably well aware of some, maybe even all of them, but it never hurts to keep repeating information that can be of great value to you, especially when travel or air travel becomes a very important factor in your business schedule or vacation planning.


Traveling with a business jet means you avoid crowds, large public gatherings, standing & waiting in security or check-in lines and generally avoid wasting your time by waiting couple of hours to board your plane.

Flying private means you don’t have to come to the airport hours before departure (but rather 15 to max 20 min before) and you have the privilege of using an isolated private terminal to approach your aircraft. In the end, you board the aircraft alone or accompanied by family members, friends or business partners.  

Not spending time in closed spaces with people you don’t know and a lot less touchpoints that increase contagion risks make business aviation epidemiologically the most acceptable way of traveling in a time so burdened by health concerns.

*Here you can read more about Jung Sky’s commitment in making our passengers’ lives as simple as possible.


Flexibility is one of the strongest benefits of flying private.

Jung Sky’s services are most commonly used for business purposes. The possibility to arrange a flight on short notice and set the departure and return time according to your own schedule is pretty powerful and if you want to have more than one meeting in just one day and in different cities or countries, schedule flexibility is paramount.

Business aviation operators enable you exactly that – the power to slip in the flight(s) into your own itinerary, with the condition of course the operator can provide aircraft availability based on their own schedule.

This benefit is just as welcomed if you rent a business jet for private reasons, let’s say a vacation.
Is there anything better than planning a relaxing trip in your own time-frame?


Efficiency is very closely connected to both of the previous points, because, if you can manoeuvre your flight schedule and you need to minimize the number of hours (or days) you’re going to spend on your business trip(s) – then you’re in a very good position to be as efficient and effective as it gets.

Moreover, while you’re in the air, the privacy and the comfort of a business jet enables you to have a meeting with your travel companions or to dedicate yourself to a certain business task without worrying that anything or anyone from your surroundings will distract you.


Each of the previous points strongly advocate the practicality of flying private. Boosting it even further, one of the major benefits of flying private is that you can choose your point A and point B among thousands of destinations & airports and in most cases, you will fly to them directly.

You needn’t worry which airline flies to which city, will there be any connecting flights or how many hours will it take to fly yourself across the continent. It’s just about contacting your business aviation operator (or your broker/concierge/travel agency who will find an operator for you) whose operations include destinations you want and finding a suitable jet for your needs.

In the example of Jung Sky, over the course of 2020 we flew our clients to almost 200 different airports across Europe, although our operations include much more airports than that. We visited 34 European countries and we even flew to Tunisia.

Business aviation is just super practical and flexible.


Time is a commodity. It’s perhaps the biggest commodity one person can have, so it’s very important to appreciate and protect that commodity.

Again, each of the previous points argue in favour that flying private enables you to use your time in the most efficient and effective way possible.

When you, and for the sake of argument let's say your four business partners, have multiple meetings in one or more cities, flying private is the fastest way to get around. No need for hotel accommodation means your company is saving money. No need for business dinners means your company is saving money. No need for many of the regular daily expenditures means you & your company are saving money. When you divide the cost of a private flight in five, the cost per seat is not that much higher (if at all) than for example business class seats of a regular airline. 

If you're a frequent flyer, you save precious time and if time is money, you use your money much more wisely and efficiently.


ONE. Traveling with a business jet means you AVOID wasting your time by waiting on airports and you avoid crowded spaces.

TWO. You use an ISOLATED PRIVATE TERMINAL to approach your aircraft with the MINIMIZED number of touchpoints that increase contagion risks.

THREE. Flights can be arranged on short notice and you can set departure and return time according to YOUR OWN SCHEDULE.

FOUR. The number of cities/airports you can choose for your departure and arrival destinations is much, much higher than of those you can reach via regular airlines.

FIVE. It’s THE LEAST time-consuming way of traveling. It’s fast, flexible and practical which means using your time and money in a much more efficient and effective manner.

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