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TV feature about Jung Sky on N1 Croatia

July 10, 2020 |
Jung Sky on N1 Television

In the beginning of July 2020, CNN exclusive news channel affiliate N1 Croatia aired a 3 and a half minute feature about Jung Sky, its operations during quarantine in April & May 2020 and about how the epidemiological situation affects Jung Sky's daily flight operations.

The feature is in Croatian language, but the transcript in English can be found right below the video. 

Although the airline industry is greatly affected by the corona crisis, one particular type of air transport is expected to have a relatively short period of recovery.

Business aviation, a term that is still rather unfamiliar in Croatia, is a dynamic and challenging industry in which airline operators face a competition from all over the world. The most significant business aviation representative from Croatia is Jung Sky.

(Jasna Jung, Board member):

Jung Sky is a privately-owned airline operator from Croatia which has been on the market for over 10 years now. At the moment, our fleet consists of two business jets, both of them are Cessna 525A CJ2 models with a capacity of 6+1 passengers.”

Currently, the company employs 27 people, nine of which are pilots. On a yearly basis, Jung Sky crews operate more than 1.200 flights, while the number of different airports which they fly to exceeds 200.

(Jasna Jung, Board member):

We often get asked something like which destinations are covered in our daily or weekly operations or do we have a fixed schedule of routes. The answer is no, because every day we fly to a different destination. We fly all over Europe and we even cover northern Africa.

During quarantine, the volume of our flight operations was reduced, but we didn’t stop with our operations completely and we’re glad to say we made timely preparations for the crisis thanks to which our company did not have any layoffs or salary reductions.

Although the company is from Croatia, more than 95% of Jung Sky’s clientele are foreign passengers among which the business community is the dominant one. However, in late spring and all the way through the summer, the interest of tourists for flying private increases. A lot of them are seeing Croatia as an ideal choice for a summer vacation.

Having in mind the epidemiological risks which will affect tourism in great deal this year, Jung Sky highlights an important role of business aviation in the context of one’s (self) isolation.

(Kresimir Vlasic, Chief operating officer):

"The positive circumstance for business aviation at this particular moment comes from the personalized and individualized nature of the flying-private experience, especially when combined with high-level accommodation and thus providing pretty fantastic (self) isolation conditions which is something a lot of people are finding particularly interesting and beneficial in these times of uncertainty.

Taking this into account, the end result for Jung Sky is that the concept of flying private, which up to now was dominantly an activity of the business community, started to attract tourists a lot more than in previous years.

As far as adapting its daily business to the new “corona virus rules”, Jung Sky has successfully done so.

(Kresimir Vlasic, Chief operating officer):

As far as Jung Sky’s operations are concerned, it’s absolutely clear they are dictated by the further development of the corona virus situation.”

In times when social distancing is necessary as well as expected, rather like the people’s needs to travel, business aviation is positioning itself as the safest solution.

(Kresimir Vlasic, Chief operating officer):

Tourists have the opportunity to travel in top-level conditions and completely self-isolating environment which starts with the first step on the airport because business aviation is extracted from the crowds that are usually associated with regular commercial aviation airports. With business aviation, the passengers go through special isolated terminals, practically not making physical contact with anyone after which they end up in our airplane where they are usually in the company of their family or business partners.” 

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