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Team news: Changes in the OCC, sales and maintenance department

June 09, 2022 |
Jung Sky department changes

On the eve of what currently looks like it might be yet another record-breaking summer season in the business aviation industry, three Jung Sky departments have ‘changed their looks' a little bit. We’ve welcomed a new teammate, welcomed back a former colleague, celebrated one promotion and one shift between departments.

Darija Janković Šprajc: Our new Head of Operations

Darija has been with the company for more than 10 years. She started as a Sales Representative, continued as a Flight Dispatcher and as of mid-May she was appointed Head of Operational Control Centre. Congrats Darija! Our OCC couldn’t be in better hands.

Darija Janković Šprajc_Jung Sky

Marin Klanac: Back at Jung Sky and our sales department

Marin, who was part of Jung Sky's sales from July 2017 until June 2021, came back to our sales team last month. The timing couldn’t have been better because the summer schedule is getting ‘hotter’ by the day and Marin certainly knows his way around the private jet sales arena. Welcome back Marin!

Marin Klanac_Jung Sky

Alen Gere: Swapped sales for OCC

Alen has changed his signature. He's no longer a sales representative, but an OCC agent. Alen has been a valuable part of our team since March 2018 and after manoeuvring through our jets’ availability and flight sales for four years, he will now face new clients, new partners and completely new challenges in the Operational Control Centre under Darija’s leadership. Alen, we wish you many happy OCC years!

Alen Gere_Jung Sky OCC department

Denis Grgurić: Newest addition to the company and our maintenance department

Our maintenance department keeps getting bigger and stronger. We're thrilled to have acquired such an expert and can’t wait for our maintenance story to begin. Denis previously spent 4 years as an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer at LS Technics and 18 and a half years as a B1 AME at Croatia Airlines. Denis joined the rest of our maintenance crew - Davor Bujan, our Technical Director and Davor Bradovski, aircraft maintenance manager who was acquired in October 2021. Denis, welcome to the JS team!

Denis Grgurić_Jung Sky


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