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Ed Sheeran's new video features one of Jung Sky's jets

July 01, 2019 |
Jung Sky jet featured in the Ed Sheeran video

The brand new music video by the wildly popular British singer Ed Sheeran, which has already collected more than twenty million views in the first week since its YouTube release, has a bit of a Croatian twist to it.

In the last fifty seconds of the video, one of Jung Sky's jets appears in the video! The logo of our airline is visible in several frames during the last minute, and upon leaving from the plane by the love couple in the video, the Croatian flag is visible in the upper right corner of the aircraft.  

"It is not the first time our aircraft has been contracted for a project of this type, but this has certainly been one of the simplest cooperations so far. Right from the start, all communication, both with the brokers and with Sheeran's crew, went very smooth which is why this was definitely a very interesting and fun experience for our crew“, stated Jung Sky's CEO, Kresimir Jung.  

The company Jung Sky performs business and private flights to destinations throughout Europe and North Africa. Both of our current two jets have flying range of up to 1,500 miles and an average speed of around 800 km/hour. The most frequently travelled destinations are Nice, Rome, Milan, Geneva, Venice, Munich, Paris, Barcelona, London, Zurich and Berlin while Mediterranean destinations tend to be rather popular in the summer season.

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