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Eight people added to the team after fleet addition

August 31, 2023 |
Eight people added to the team after fleet addition

Four months ago, when we announced the addition of another C525A CJ2 to our fleet, we emphasized what the next step for Jung Sky was: strengthening the team.

Today, Jung Sky employs 30 people, the most it ever had since 2009 when the company was founded. Eight new people have joined the JS family after 9A-JSE was added to the company’s AOC: five first officers, one captain, one in operational control centre and one in sales.

Here they are, listed in alphabetical order (for more info about them or any other team member, feel free to visit Jung Sky's TEAM PAGE):

MATIJA BENČEC, sales representative
The fourth musketeer in our sales team has 8 years of sales experience & from day 1 he has been collecting extremely favourable reviews from his superior. A fantastic fit for our team.

Matija Bencec

FILIP IVANIĆ, first officer
One of our two most recent pilot additions. His business jet debut was on July 29, flight Varazdin – Geneva with Capt. Ljubas.

Filip Ivanic

ADAM KATONA, first officer
His first JS flight was Zagreb – Rome on May 27 with Capt. Obrazović. Since then, he has entered the cockpit as Jung Sky's FO for 106 more times (and counting...).

Adam Katona

On September 14, Capt. Igor will celebrate 3 months since he joined our team & so far he has accumulated more than 140 hours of flying for Jung Sky (and counting...).

Igor Kristofelc

His first JS flight was on May 28, Zagreb – Vienna with Capt. Ljubas. Since then, he has been involved in more than 130 flights (and counting...).

Dominik Majstorovic

STJEPAN MARIJAN, first officer
After his first Jung Sky flight Zagreb – Olbia on July 20 with Capt. Jung, Stjepan is currently closing in on his 40th flight as our FO (and counting...).

Stjepan Marijan

KARLO PIGAC, first officer
He put on the Jung Sky FO uniform for the first time on May 30 when he flew our 9A-JSE from Zagreb to Dubrovnik with Capt. Jung. Very soon he will pass the "140-flight-hours" mark as our First Officer. 

Karlo Pigac

MATEA TABORŠAK, operational control center
Matea joined the team in July after spending seven years at the Croatian flag carrier Croatia Airlines. Along with Josip, she's a big boost to our OCC department which now counts five people in total. 

Matea Taborsak


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