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From A to Z: Jasna Jung

March 18, 2022 |
From A to Z, Jasna Jung

Jasna Jung is our company's financial director and board member, involved in the company's vision and development since the very beginnings. This interview was created and published on her birthday (March 18).  

If you were an Animal, which Animal would it be and why?
A dolphin because they're cute, nice and always smiling.

Let's say ten years from now you have your own Brand called “Mima“ which has three different set of products in its portfolio. What kind of products are they?
Make-up, jewellery and bathing suits.

What's your favourite City and why?
Dubai, because it's a world totally different from everything else I’ve seen.

Favourite Dance and one dance you would like to learn?
I have no favourites, I really enjoy any dance that takes place on a night out with my friends. However, I would like to learn Paso Doble.

Favourite way to spend the Evening?
Hanging out with my kids.

Favourite Food?
Anything with chicken.

Games you like to play?
Eight-ball, Yamb and a variety of card games.

If you could go back in time, which Historical moment or period would you go back to?
I would go back to the 50s to meet and hang out with Marilyn Monroe.

Favourite place in Istria (Croatia)?

Last Joke you liked?
Wife: “How do I look?”
Husband: “With your eyes.”

Where did you find your Keys last time you lost them?
In my office.

Give us at least three things from you bucket List?
Visit New York, swim with dolphins and since my biggest wish as a kid was to be a school teacher, I would like to try that one time, at least for a day ????

What relaxes your Mind?
A massage and a walk.

What's the Nicest thing somebody said to you?
Tough question ???? I don’t remember, but I will say that the act of complimenting someone in any way is a really nice thing to do. If it’s sincere, of course.

Favourite Outdoor activity?
Taking a walk and having a barbecue.

Would you rather try Parachuting or Paragliding? Why?
Parachuting, but only if I’m attached to the instructor.

What are the Qualities you appreciate the most in other people?
Honesty & kindness.

Three books you would recommend everyone to Read?
We Children from Bahnhof Zoo, The Little Prince and every book from Harlan Coben.

What's that one Sitcom that always puts a Smile on your face?

Can you Tell us something you never Told anybody? C'mon ????
No. Some things I need to keep just for myself ????

Can you remember the most Useful advice somebody gave you?
Believe in yourself.

Describe your perfect Vacation.
Summertime, the seaside, sunbathing.

What was the last thing you were Wrong about?
There’s no such thing. ????

If you were part of the X-Men, what kind of a power would you like to have?
First of all, I haven’t seen the X-Men movies, but I do know there’s a character with a teleportation ability (ac. Nightcrawler) which seems pretty cool.

Three words you would use to describe Yourself when you were 18 Years old?
Young, crazy and brave.

If you were a Zillionaire and you wanted to buy an island, where would that island be and why?
I would definitely stay in Croatia because we have the most beautiful seaside in the world.

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