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Recap: Jung Sky's flight operations in 2021

January 10, 2022 |

Looking back, 2021 was a gutsy, hard-working year, but with lot of moments to remember. In 2021, our crews performed 1,162 flights (ferry + pax), welcomed 1,554 passengers on board and accumulated 1,695 hours of flight time. We landed on 190 airports in 36 countries, most of which were in Italy (32), France (21), Germany (17) and the United Kingdom (16).

We carried out flights for 171 different clients, mainly private jet brokers & concierge services, but also various travel agencies, business companies, private individuals etc. Most of our clients were from the United Kingdom (26) and the USA (21), followed by Switzerland, Germany and France. Our top 10 destinations in 2021 were Nice, Vienna, Rome, Split, Naples, Venice, Zurich, Paris, Milan and London.

We welcomed our new Head of OCC (Hello Ivan!), two of our captains visited HRT (Croatian National Television) and talked about the life of business aviation pilots (take a look at our TV Captains HERE) and two new pilots, Sven & Lovro, joined our team. 

We revealed the new livery of our 9A-JSD, our COO Kresimir Vlasic talked to Croatia Week about the connection of the private jet service and the tourism industry (complete interview HERE) after which Capt. Kresimir Jung, Jung Sky's co-owner and board member spoke to another news media in Croatia ( about the essential role that the business aviation industry plays in the positioning of elite tourism in Croatia (complete interview HERE).

In July, our financial director and board member Jasna Jung talked to about the past, the present and the future of Jung Sky (complete interview HERE). Also in July, we realized we had a very successful Q2 and the story about it ended up on the cover of Business Air News and we welcomed our new sales representative Ivan Jakovac to the team.

Afterwards, we had a dazzling summer - performing 141 passenger flights in 62 days of July and August. During August, Jung Sky sales department received exactly 10,592 inquiries via Avinode platform. It was the highest number of inquiries our sales reps had to process in one month, ever.

The story about the business aviation industry and Jung Sky was featured in Airways Magazine and we had a September to remember (read more about it HERE).

In October, our pilots (and our two jets) achieved record-breaking flight time (in one month): 228h 58min (pax + ferry flights), +50% YoY / +66,4% vs 2019. Also in October, Davor Bradovski joined our maintenance department. From September to November, we had 596 hours of flight time, topping the same period last year by 47 percent. It was our record-high flight time score around autumn months yet.

During Q4, Chambery Airport was officially added to our flight operations which made ski-lovers very, very happy. 

For all of our achievements in 2021, big congratulations to the entire JS team: Krešimir J. / Vedran / Jasna / Krešimir V. / Branko / Ante / Filip / Andro / Domagoj / Andrej / Sven / Lovro / Davor Bu. / Davor Br. / Dalibor / Alen / Ivan J. / Ivan M. / Darija / Ivana / Finka / Klemen / Marko / Goran / Lovro J. / Stipe

Last but not least, a big, big THANK YOU to all our clients, partners and supporters who made this possible. Stay tuned, we'll have a lot more to share in 2022.

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