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Jung Sky on the cover of Business Air News (AUG/2021)

August 24, 2021 |
Jung Sky on the cover of Business Air News magazine

Business Air News' August 2021 issue has Jung Sky's co-founder and one of the captains, Kresimir Jung, on the cover with the title saying "Activity on the rise as Jung Sky learns lessons from 2020". 

The complete digital edition of the BAN August issue can be found HERE and the feature with Capt. Kresimir's statements is further below.


Zagreb-based business aviation operator Jung Sky reports a very successful Q2 2021, topping the same period last year by 55.6 per cent in passenger flights and 35.5. per cent in revenue. The company's strongest market in that time span was Italy, having been associated with 14.4 per cent of Jung Sky flights in Q2, followed by France (9.9 per cent), Croatia and Austria. However, in the last two months, more than 16 per cent of flights involved Croatia’s coastal destinations, making them the most popular choice on the Mediterranean. They’ve exceeded Italy by six per cent, Greece by eight per cent and France by almost 10 per cent.

Jung Sky’s co-founder and one of their most experienced captains Kresimir Jung says the operator is handling an extreme number of inquiries, a continuously high percentage of first-time bookers and a higher than usual presence of passengers using private jet services for their private or vacation plans, not just business needs.

These are all effects of the pandemic”, he states.Each phase of the pandemic has been a specific and very useful learning course about the problems it can impose on business aviation’s daily operations. We know we can expect a strong summer, but we also understand the pandemic’s not over. However, we’re constantly gaining experience in dealing with pandemic-related situations and issues. At Jung Sky, optimism and foreseeing have been important factors from day one of the Covid-era. Right after the lockdown in April and May 2020, we expressed our optimism about the summer and our record-breaking results from Q3 proved our expectations were legitimate. Afterwards we used all the knowledge we gained from that year to plan 2021 and now, after six months, the Q2 summary, the peaking demand for our jets and the growing popularity of Croatia as a private jet destination again prove our preparation has been good.”

According to Jung, there are a lot of reasons for continuing optimism, no matter what obstacles the pandemic puts forth in the future.

The business aviation community has every reason to keep planning ahead without hesitation. We strongly believe the 2020 global lockdown scenario will not happen again and we’ve learned to live and work with this virus. Every operator or broker can use everything we’ll learn this year to prepare themselves for 2022 and so my message to everyone is: Be smart, keep going about your plans and do it boldly. Business aviation is in a good place and will continue to rise for a long time to come.”

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