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PILOT DIARIES (#1): Sven Kucinic about entering the business aviation world

October 13, 2021 |
Sven Kucinic_Jung Sky

First Officer Sven Kucinic joined Jung Sky's team in February 2021 and is one of our nine pilots. If you're interested in finding more about him or any other pilot or team member at Jung Sky, please visit our Team page.

Here's his take on what's it like to be a business aviation pilot. 

"Business aviation turned out to be exactly what I expected. It’s dynamic, challenging, unpredictable at times and never boring. As opposed to regular commercial airlines where pilots fly to a limited number of destinations, BA pilots are provided with the opportunity to fly to an extremely wide network of destinations which means we’re getting acquainted with new airports and the challenges they bring on a daily basis. This is particularly important for young pilots because it enables you to sharpen your skills very quickly and you’re learning and improving constantly. The very steep learning curve and thus a faster possibility of progress is definitely what I like most about being a BA pilot.
From the organizational and business stand point, Jung Sky functions as a big airline company - adapted to the specifics of business aviation. This includes a defined organizational structure as well as the complete digitalization of schedule, operational documentation and accompanying tools that greatly facilitate pilots in the day-to-day operation and planning of our flight activities."

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