Safety at Jung Sky

We always pay special attention to ensure that the highest level of safety is maintained at both our company and in our flights.

  • Legislation

    Jung Sky is subject to European aviation regulations. We strictly enforce the requirements of these extremely rigorous regulations, and even try to go beyond the prescribed standards.
  • Experienced pilots

    With their knowledge, regular reviews, training and seminars at some of the world’s best training centres, our pilots will make sure that your flight is safe and comfortable.
  • Maintenance

    Our service is complemented by the highest possible level of regular maintenance of aircraft in authorised service organisations across Europe.

Is it safe to fly?

In a word - absolutely. It is a well-known fact that air transport is the safest form of transport precisely because it is not based on one-off attempts and coincidences, but rather on solid scientific bases, high-quality and proven technology, as well as professional education for everyone involved in the implementation and support of each flight.

How do we do it?

The experienced flight crew of Jung Sky is carefully selected, so that with their knowledge, regular reviews and professional training at some of the world’s best training centres they can provide a safe and pleasant flight. We are always at the cutting edge of new developments in order to make sure that we always use the latest methods and technologies in air transportation.

Pilot training

Every six months our pilots are tested in a special simulator which prepares them for all sorts of dangerous situations.

The quality of our work has been recognised at an international level

Sit back in the comfortable seats of our jets - from the very beginning we have maintained high standards of excellence, safety and quality as the foundation of our business, but are also devoted to constant improvement so that we become even better at what we do.