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Privacy Policy Terms and Conditions for Companies

This Privacy Policy Terms regulate the rights and obligations for Brokers/Charterers or any other third party in regards to personal data processing.

Company Jung Sky LLC is a company duly incorporated under the laws of the Republic of Croatia, with its registered seat at Zagreb, Strojarska cesta 20, company VAT and personal ID number: 27095944238 (hereinafter: “Jung Sky”)

Any charterer/broker or any third party with whom Jung Sky executes any Agreement for passenger flight purposes; jointly referred to: “The Charterer”).

Jung Sky and the Charterer hereinafter jointly: “Contractual parties”


  1. To the extent that Jung Sky and Charterer are processing passenger’s personal data as part of the service, the terms contained herein shall apply.
  2. If there is any conflict or inconsistency between these Privacy Policy Terms and any other service agreement, any Charterer’s privacy policy or any general terms and conditions, these Privacy Policy Terms shall take precedence and apply to the extent of the conflict or inconsistency. The parties hereby agree that such provisions are amended accordingly to give effect to these Privacy Policy Terms.


  1. In respect of processing of any passenger’s personal data carried out pursuant to these Privacy Policy Terms, the parties agree that Jung Sky is data controller solely for passenger’s personal data necessary to successfully fulfill its contractual and legal obligation.


  1. Contractual parties shall comply with and process all passenger’s personal data in accordance with applicable General Data Protection Regulation and accompanying local legislation (Applicable Law).
  2. Unless Applicable Law requires otherwise, Jung Sky shall only process passenger’s data on and in accordance with the documented instructions as set out between the Contractual parties (“Processing Instructions”);
  3. Unless prohibited by Applicable Law, Jung Sky shall notify the Charterer and/or passenger if Applicable Law requires it to process passenger’s personal data other than in accordance with Processing Instructions (such notification to be given before such processing commences);
  4. Unless Jung Sky receives passenger’s data directly; It is Charterer’s responsibility to collect, process and transfer passenger’s personal data in line with Applicable Law. Therefore, Charterer hereby irrevocably represents and warrants that any passenger’s personal data given to Jung Sky is previously collected in line with Applicable Law and therefore Jung Sky carries no responsibility whatsoever for Charterer’s failure to comply with the respective provision.
  5. Charterer also represents and warrants to Jung Sky that is fully compliant with Applicable Law and that Jung Sky may be in full confidence of such warranty.
  6. Jung Sky shall process passenger’s personal data collected and transferred by the Charterer directly in accordance with its valid Privacy Policy published on Jung Sky website. It is Charterer’s responsibility to inform the passenger on the said Privacy Policy. Sole purpose of passenger’s personal data processing from Jung Sky is to fulfill its contractual obligation and to comply with legal requirement of each country of departure and/or destination.
  7. Jung Sky shall in no way process any passenger’s personal data for any other purpose than of one said in these Privacy Policy Terms and Processing instructions, otherwise, it shall previously obtain a valid consent.
  8. For issues not regulated with these Privacy Policy Terms between Jung Sky and Charterer, Jung Sky Privacy Policy published on its website shall be applied (security measures, principles etc.)



Subject Matter, Nature and Purpose of processing/


Successful delivery of its service; Jung Sky is processing passenger’s personal data to carry out the flight, to organize hotel accommodation, arrange taxi service etc.


Legal obligation; Jung Sky is obliged to disclose and keep certain personal data on passengers to governmental authority of a specific country for flight operations.

Personal Data Jung Sky collects on passengers Passenger’s name, surname, e-mail address, phone number, residence address, date of birth and passport/ID number, eventually per legal request – scan of the passport or ID.


Data Subjects Contractors and/or passengers


Permitted Sub-Processors and Transfers Depending on the service type, potentially, ground handling operations, airport security personnel, hotels or any other accommodation and/or taxi drivers