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Over 1000 possible destinations

We fly according to your desires even to places where there are no regular air routes.


Explore the cost-effectiveness of this type of travel

Compare our offer with regular routes.



The whole plane belongs to you and your family or business partners.


Instead of wasting time waiting for the next flight, our crews will be ready and waiting for you.


Our experienced flight aircrew is carefully chosen to provide a safe and comfortable flight.

  • Easy access

    All you have to do is come ten minutes before your flight and go to your airplane through a special passage.
  • No connecting flight

    The journey is much more comfortable and faster because there is no need to change flights.
  • No waiting

    The check-in procedure, waiting lines and the possibility of losing your luggage at the airport are all avoided.
  • A calm flight

    We fly at heights without turbulence so the flight is comfortable and smooth.
  • Closest to the destination

    We can fly to runways closest to your destination, even airports not used by regular routes.
  • Saving time

    A big advantage is arranging the flight in a period convenient for you.

The best way to organise a business trip

Business flights used to be a matter of utmost luxury, but today their price is much more affordable. We offer flights in planes which can carry between 5 to 7 passengers and which are of superior comfort. The fact that you adjust the departure time as is convenient for you saves a lot of time, which is extremely important in the world of business.

  • Cessna 525 CJ

    Business jet aircraft for short and medium-long flights, maximum capacity 5 passengers. It can easily fly from shorter runways, which allows us to use a large number of smaller airports.
  • Cessna 525A CJ2

    This model has a maximum capacity of 7 passengers and has approximately 30% greater range and 15% higher speed, which is why it is very popular among customers. The comfortable flight allows you to relax or even hold a meeting.

A realistic example of a journey with price comparison

The biggest advantage compared to the price can be shown by providing an example of a business flight Zagreb - Milan - Zagreb. Imagine you are traveling from Zagreb to Milan with four business partners to a meeting on Monday at 10 a.m., which will end at about 4 p.m. We found the real costs of flights with which you can arrive the fastest and compared them to the price of our service.

  • The price of a private flights

    You arrive at the airport on Monday ten minutes before the flight, as there is no check-in procedure and you do not have to wait before boarding the plane. After an hour of pleasant flying you land in Milan and arrive at the meeting with your colleagues at 10 a.m. After the meeting, the aircraft and crew are already waiting for you, even if the meeting ended earlier or later than expected. Around 4:45 p.m. you can be on your flight to Zagreb, arriving at 5:45 p.m.

    PRICE 3800 euro (5 persons)
  • The price of the regular flights

    The price of a regular flight - You have to go on Sunday because there are no regular flights on Monday morning and you have to go through the check-in procedure, which usually means a lot of waiting and requires you to be at the airport much earlier. There is no direct flight, so you have to change flights. You have to spend the night in Milan because you arrived a day earlier. After the meeting you have to rush to the airport due to the fixed time of the flight.

    PRICE (economy class): 4710 eura 5 persons

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