Important notice regarding COVID-19

UPDATED: January 2021

We would like to assure everyone involved with Jung Sky operations that our biggest commitment is the safety and health of our passengers and crew members. We are monitoring the situation by very closely, as well as continuously working with all public and health authorities in order to ensure that we meet all health regulations, requirements and recommendations.

We’ve implemented additional procedures for cleaning and disinfecting the aircrafts and we’ve increased the amount of cleaning and disinfection materials on board our aircrafts in order to fully protect our passengers and crew members at all times. Our Operational Control Center handles all new updates and our employees have been and will be continuously informed about the situation in any destination we fly to. In case of any new recommendation from local or foreign authorities, we will act accordingly and in the fastest possible way.

We continue to perform flight operations wherever and whenever possible with a condition those operations are possible according to active regulatory requirements. Travel restrictions are more and more at its peak preventing us to act upon every inquiry we receive, but our sales and flight dispatch department are committed in providing you important information as fast as possible. 

If you're in search for flight options, our lines are always open ( and our team will respond as quickly as possible.

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