Cessna 525A CJ2

Jung Sky operates two Cessna 525A CJ2 jets. It is a very popular business jet aircraft for short and medium flights. It can easily fly from shorter runways, which allows us to use a large number of smaller airports. Its range is about 2500 km (1,400 nautical miles), which allows for flights over most of Europe and North Africa without landing. It is equipped with two jet engines, which provide a quiet and silent atmosphere in the passenger cabin, so even longer flights are very comfortable. The cruising height of 13,500 m guarantees a pleasant flight because turbulence is extremely rare at such high altitudes.

  • Capacity

    2 pilots (captain + co-pilot) and 7 passengers
  • Cruising speed

    700 - 800 km/h (380 - 430 kt)
  • Length

    14.53 m
  • Height

    4,27 m
  • Engine power

    2 x 10.7 kN (2400 lb) of thrust
  • Maximum take-off weight

    5600 kg
  • Wing-span

    15,19 m
  • Maximum flight height

    13500 m (FL 450)